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  • Chiagoo - Twist
    Chiagoo - Twist

    General info applicable to all ChiaoGoo interchangeables

    TWIST and SPIN products share the same screw sizes, making them compatible with each other. All needle tips and cables are laser engraved with the respective screw-size:

    • - M = MINI, applies to needle sizes 1.50-2.50mm (5cm, 8cm, 10cm and 13cm tips)
    • - S = Small, applies to needle sizes 2.75-5.00mm (10cm and 13cm tips)
    • - L = Large, applies to needles sizes 5.50-10.00mm (10cm and 13cm tips)

    The MINI range is not compatible with the standard S and L screw sizes, and thus all MINI needle tips require a MINI cable. Please note that the 10cm and 13cm-long MINI needle tips are too long for use with the 13cm or 15cm-long MINI cables. These can easily be connected by means of a MINI cable connector to extend the cable length accordingly. ChiaoGoo also offers adaptors which can connect MINI, S and L screw-sized products together.

  • Chiagoo Twist Red...
    Chiagoo Twist Red Interchangeable Needle Set

    The Complete set contains:

    • - needle tips
    • - 3 x TWIST red cables (60cm, 80cm and 100cm; length includes tips)
    • - cable connectors
    • - end stoppers
    • - T-shaped tightening keys
    • - stitch markers
    • - a needle gauge

    All sets are supplied in a compact fabric case with zip closure.

  • ChiaoGoo Wooden Yarn Swift
    ChiaoGoo Wooden Yarn Swift