Special DK & Batik DK Pattern 9355 Toys & Hat

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Special DK & Batik DK Pattern 9355 Toys & Hat

You will need- Pair of 3.75mm needles for the rabbit, pair of 4mm needles for the clothes and hat, polyester toy stuffing, small amount of dark yarn for the eyes and nose.

Pattern Errata: Bunny legs Shape foot Row 15: K9, k2tog tbl, k6, k2tog, k2tog tbl, k6, k2tog, k9. 34sts Row 16: P9, p2tog, p4, p2tog tbl, p2tog, p4, p2tog tbl, p9. 30sts Row 17: K9, k2tog, k2, k2tog tbl, k2tog, k2, k2tog tbl, k9. 26sts Row 18: P9, p2tog, p2tog tbl, p2tog, p2tog tbl, p9. 22sts Starting with a k row work 22 rows in st-st ending rs facing for next row. Row 41: K2tog across row. 11sts Row 42: Purl. Row 43: K1, k2tog across row. 6sts Break yarn and thread through rem sts. Fasten off securely. FINISHING Join the first few stitches of the armholes to centre panel to create shoulder seams, making sure to leave a space for the head to go through. Place arms of girl Bunny through the armholes of the dress and sew up the centre back seam leaving an opening for girl Bunnys tail to poke through.


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Toys- 34cm, 13 1/2in, Hat- Length 16cm, 6 1/4in Width 18cm, 7in

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